Our next Gathering is on August 12, 2018.
This service will also be an informational meeting for our launch January 2019. We will be meeting Aug. 12 at 430pm at the New Five Forks Library. Each month we will have a community event to meet more of our neighbors and share the vision of The Gathering Church at Five Forks. Here's what you can expect at our next service.


Community Groups meet each week during the week. 
If you would like to attend one, email jack@gatheringsc.com

June 5-17 Dominican Mission Trip

June 24- Small Group Fellowship

July 20-Five Forks Festival

August 12, 4:30PM-Worship at Five Forks Library

October 27-Comedian Mike Williams in town!









Parking is really easy. Parking space are right outside the main door at the CrossFit building.
Handicap spaces are available as well.

INTERPRETER FOR THE DEAF: Our service does have an interpreter for the deaf.

DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR CHILDREN/YOUTH?: On Sunday mornings when we have our worship services (see dates below) all kids 2nd grade and up usually join us for the service. Younger kids, preschoolers, and newborns have a separate area with children's workers. As we grow, we will develop specific ministries for youth and children. Right now, we encourage family ministry. Kids can join their parents at some of our community impact events and service opportunities.

SMALL GROUPS: We have weekly small groups that meet throughout the community. For details, email jack@gatheringsc.com